BKT and Peja Hill with a housing co-operation agreement with annual interest rates of 3.9%.

BKT and Peja Hill sign the second co-operation agreement for the realization of the unique Peja Hill project, offering special conditions for buying houses for Kosovo citizens and diaspora, in the only neighborhood in Kosovo that connects the beautiful city of Peja with Albanian Alps.

The agreement between BKT and Peja Hill covers the final phase of completion of the unique project, as well as numerous opportunities in the selection and purchase of homes, enabling customers to finance on special terms and with special interest rates. Going a step further, BKT offers this funding for diaspora who want to invest in their home country.

The project will be spread over an area of ​​about 13,000 square meters, with 52 houses surrounded by green spaces and pleasant surroundings, surrounded by the beauties of Rugova Mountains. Intertwining enough space and comfort in housing is one of the most important objectives during the construction of this contemporary neighborhood. Housing design in the neighborhood is organized in 3 types of houses of different sizes to suit the contemporary requirements of function and aesthetics.

BKT has a special focus on financing various projects such as: renewable energy projects, construction projects and various infrastructural projects. Through 2018, BKT has funded many projects in the field of hydro power as well as construction projects. Still, BKT is committed to financing projects that directly affect the well-being of Kosovo’s citizens and the economic development of the country.

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