Unique opportunity for customers who use BKT Mobile service and customers who download and register in BKT Mobile service.

Award for July 2022:

Biciklete (MTB002) 27.5

Campaign Participants:

Participants in the campaign will be all registered customers and those who register during July 2022 in BKT Mobile service.

  1. New users: Download the BKT Mobile app and sign up during the month of July to be a potential winner.
  2. Current users: Open a savings account through BKT Mobile within the month of July, to be a potential winner.

To connect to BKT Mobile, you must install the application under the name BKT Mobile on your smartphone or tablet, which can be found in the App Store and Play Store, through the link: https://ebank.bkt.com.al/BKTMobile/index .html

*  Withdrawal of the reward will be made by members of the bank’s management.

** The campaign will be valid from July 1 to July 31, 2022.

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