BKT Kosova comes with a new information channel, through Contact Center, which will be available to you every work day, from 08:30 to 19:00, except for weekends and official holidays.

Through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service by using your phone’s keyboard you can get information on cards and BKT accounts without having to contact a Contact Center service agent, and via Telephone Banking only by contacting the customer service number + 383 38 666 666, you can perform a variety of financial transactions which do not involve cash or documents. This service is designed for individual clients who temporarily cannot visit a BKT branch or temporarely cannot access the online BKT channels to perform financial transactions.

Information provided by IVR

  1.  BKT Individual clients who have a debit and credit card issued by BKT, can obtain this information from IVR without having to contact a Contact Center Agent:
    • Be informed about credit card limit and liabilities
    • Be informed about the latest credit card transactions
    • Be informed of the current account balance associated with debit card
    • Be informed about the balance of your current / savings accounts in all currencies
    • Learn more about your current account / savings accounts you have at BKT (if you have an email address registered in the BKT system)
    • Report a lost or stolen credit / debit card
  2. BKT Business clients can report on technical problems related to POS.

Services provided by Telephone-Banking

  • Credit card cash advance
  • Credit card online limit change
  • Credit card information (Card Limit, Card Limit available for card use, card obligation)
  • Divided instalments for credit card transactions made on POS of other banks (in accordance with respective offers made by BKT)
  • Payment of another card issued by BKT
  • Payment of personal credit card issued by BKT
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Transfer within BKT
  • Information on the balance of current accounts at BKT and their operations
  • Open a new current account
  • Send current account statements via e-mail (if there is an e-mail address registered in BKT system)
  • Mobile recharge
  • Information on paid invoices
  • Information on the automatic invoice payment agreement
  • Payment of authorized invoices
  • Utility bill payment
  • Create, modify or close an automatic bill payment
  • Information and deposit opening
  • Saving account balance at BKT and transaction information
  • Sending saving account statements via e-mail (if there is an e-mail address registered in BKT system)
  • Money exchange
  • Blocking / unblocking e-banking or BKT Mobile users

How to use IVR and Telephone Banking?

To get informed regarding IVR and Telephone Banking, please download the document below:


How does IVR work?

Telephone Banking

How does Telephone Banking work?

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