With BKT Mobile you can complete all your banking transactions in an easier and faster way and with lower commissions whenever you have access to the internet 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If you have a bank account and one of our debit or credit cards and you have registered your mobile phone number at the BKT branch, you can use BKT Mobile without having to come to the branch.

You can access your BKT Mobile from any mobile phone that has an iOS or Android operating system.

To sign in on BKT Mobile, you need to install and activate the application under the name BKT Mobile, which can be found in the App Store and Play Store. Services are offered in two languages, Albanian and English.


Access to your BKT Mobile account

BKT applies the latest security measures and applies the most efficient security solutions so that your bank transactions and your personal information are stored.

There are two ways of accessing the mobile banking account:

  1. With your customer number or your personal number and password
  2. Or with your BKT card information

Banking Services and Transactions

Without having to go to the bank, you can perform all bank transactions from BKT’s bank account, except for cash deposits.


  • Monitoring and generating the account status
  • Opening a new account
  • Opening and closing of the deposit

Transfers and Payments

  • Transfers within BKT
  • National transfers
  • Payment of invoices – KEDS, KUR Pristina

Credit Card

  • Receiving monthly account balances
  • Monitoring recent transactions
  • Payments of your card’s or other cards’ debts
  • Change the limit for online payments


  • Amount of monthly installment
  • Payment Date
  • Remaining balance
  • Maturity date

Other services

  • Money Exchange
  • Add and change the e-mail address
  • Password change
  • Electronic charging for mobile phone operators

BKT Mobile Notifications

BKT comes with the new “BKT Mobile Notifications” service offered to all BKT Mobile application users.

This service is provided free of charge and helps you be informed in real time for all types of transactions listed below:

Current Account Transactions

  • Receipt of salary
  • Transfers within BKT
  • Transfers with BKT Albania
  • Transfers with other local banks
  • Payment of invoices

Credit Card Transactions

  • Purchases through POS in Kosovo
  • Purchases through POS outside Kosovo
  • Payments online
  • Credit withdrawals from credit card
  • Automatic credit card payments by others

Security instructions

Open security instructions for more details

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