In the new partnership with the company RIA, BKT enables money transfers inside and outside the country through the network of its branches throughout Kosovo.

The RIA platform is an advanced technical infrastructure and focuses on customer satisfaction and service orientation, which differentiates it from other money transfer systems.

BKT in cooperation with RIA offers transfers which are:

Secure: Provides security in transaction processing.

Fast: Payments within minutes.

Free: There are no commissions or fees at the time of the withdrawal.

After expanding the RIA services, from now on it is even easier to benefit from them in all branches of BKT. Follow the steps below:

  • Instruct the sender to make the transfer through the RIA service and send you the transaction reference number
  • The Beneficiary may, through the Reference Number or the invoice received from the sender, proceed with the withdrawal to the nearest BKT branches 
  • Submit a valid identification document (Identity Card or Passport)
  • Fill in the form on the origin of the funds for the outgoing transfers.
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