BKT gives you the opportunity to get general information about your products and services at the time you want using the BKT WhatsApp service at +38345141666.

The service is open to you from Monday to Friday 08:30-16:30 (except weekends and official holidays).

BKT WhatsApp is a messaging platform for mobile phones, which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. You need to have an active internet connection while using WhatsApp and you will have no extra cost for sending messages.

Why use BKT WhatsApp?

  • Speed: By contacting through BKT WhatsApp, you will have a faster service
  • No Additional Fees: BKT WhatsApp uses the internet connection of your phone (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE or Wi-Fi) which allows you to exchange messages to contact the Bank both from within and from abroad the country.

How to contact the BKT WhatsApp service? 

  1. Save the BKT’s phone number +38345141666 to your phone contacts; In order to send messages to BKT WhatsApp, the number should be stored in your phone contacts.
  2. Download the application to your phone. The application is available on the official app’s website, on the iTunes App Store and on the Google store.
  3. Open the application from your phone. Create an account that will be associated with your phone number. Allow the application to synchronize with your contacts in order to send messages.
  4. Once you have logged in to your WhatsApp account, you will see all of your contacts that already have a WhatsApp account, where you will also find BKT WhatsApp.
  5. Select from the contact list the phone number of BKT WhatsApp and send your message about the information you are looking for.

What can you get through BKT WhatsApp?

  1. Find general information about banking products, timetables and branch addresses etc.
  2. Find information about e-Banking and Mobile Banking:
    • Be informed about the conditions of registration and use
    • Report a problem on registration steps
    • Report a problem on performing a transaction
  3. Be informed about BKT ATMs:
    • Find out about the location of the nearest ATM
    • Report a problem on BKT ATMs
  4. Find out about the BKT Branches:
    • Be informed about the service schedules of the branches
    • Find out about the branch address
    • Find out about branch contact numbers
  5. Report a suggestion on products and services provided by BKT
  6. Report a dissatisfaction / complaint about the products and services provided by BKT
  7. Get acquainted with the latest active offers for BKT products and services

Note: BKT recommends that you do not share personal information through the BKT WhatsApp service.

To get detailed information, please contact the 24-hour service at 7 days a week at Contact Center at phone number +38338666666.

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