International transfers are all those transfers, which:

  • Go outside of the country
  • Come from outside of the country
  • Can be made in the currencies received by the bank: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, ALL, CAD, TRY and SEK

The necessary data for the execution of an outgoing/incoming transfer with banks abroad are

  • Name and address of beneficiary
  • IBAN of the beneficiary’s account (or account number for those countries where IBAN is not applied)
  • Name and address of the Beneficiary Bank
  • Swift code / BIC, or Routing Number, etc .
  • Purpose of transfer (bill number, etc.)

Attention! Please make sure that the data provided are accurate. Specifically, please verify their integrity if this information is provided to you via the Internet or e-mail. BKT is not responsible for possible delays, non-execution of the transfer or any other consequence caused by the inaccuracy of the customer’s instructions.

We provide the opportunity for processing payments in over 125 currencies at predetermined FX rate valid for 24 hours (see attachment below).

List of Foreign Currencies

125 currencies at predetermined FX rate valid for 24 hours.

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