Now, it is even easier with MasterCard Business Debit

MasterCard Business Debit is a debit card directly linked to the company’s account, which enables companies to use it at home and abroad. Business debit card helps companies manage their finances better by enabling cash withdrawals and deposits at ATM without having to wait in branches, it also offers direct purchases in POS Terminals, transfers, etc.

The use of the debit card provides access to cash 24/7.

The features of this card are:Withdrawal of cash inside and outside the country

Cash Deposits and Withdrawals at ATMs
Payments in POS wherever MasterCard logo is present
Purchase on the Internet
Various reservations like hotels, cars, travel tickets, etc.
Checking the balance of the account through ATMs

The daily withdrawal limit through ATM is EUR 600
The cards are equipped with a personal identification number (PIN) and use CHIP technology to store the information.

Please visit us at the nearest BKT branch to apply for a Debit Business Card.

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