Money transfer services today meet the needs of many people across the globe. The UPT network now operates with about 400,000 payment offices, so it is easier to find a UPT office near you to send and receive money in the EUR and USD currencies.


  • Enables you to receive and send certain amount of money to a large network of locations and get your money when you need it and where you are
  • It makes it easy to transfer money all over the world to your family and friends anytime and whenever they need it.

With BKT it is very easy to get money in Kosovo and just follow the steps below

  • Inform the sender to perform the visit to a UPT office
  • UPT then sends the reference number with a notifier to the exact number of the beneficiary given at the time of application by the sender
  • Withdraw the money at one of our branches in Kosovo

With BKT it is very easy to send money from Kosovo and just follow the steps below

  • Go to one of the branches of BKT
  • Show an identification document (ID or Passport)
  • Pay the amount you want to transfer to the beneficiary. The maximum daily amount is 5000 EUR / USD
  • Subsequently, through a Notification SMS or other form, the beneficiary will be provided with the reference number with which the withdrawal of funds is made in the country where he/she lives
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