SmartPay is a service which is offered in the BKT Mobile application and serves to transfer money using the functionality of the QR Code.

QR code transfers are a new form of money transfer through QR technology using the BKT Mobile application, which will provide another opportunity for customers to carry out transactions without using physical money and without having to fill in the beneficiary’s account number.

This service enables the transfer of funds within individual accounts in BKT, easier and faster using the QR Code.


  • Immediate payments
  • Higher security
  • Easy to set up
  • Higher reliability

How can you transfer via SmartPay QR?

To be able to make transfers through SmartPay QR, you must be an app user or register with BKT Mobile. The option for this service is available at the entrance of BKT Mobile.

To connect to Mobile Banking, you must install the application under the name BKT Mobile on your smartphone or tablet, which can be found in the App Store and Play Store, through the link:

Download QR Code Smartpay user manual through the link

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