Standing Order is the best choice for you to pay / transfer

  • Savings for you or your children
  • Rent
  • Schooling
  • Insurance premium
  • Any periodic obligation

Coming to one of our branches, you can order the bank to transfer from your account to the beneficiary after you have decided on the amount, date, and the desired term without the need of your presence at the branches every time.

Standing order is also the best option for you to save on a regular basis. You can do this comfortably with a automatic payment order from your current account to the savings account in BKT.

Bills to pay are many, and paying them one by one takes your time, so the best solution is automating invoice payments.

Now you can all open a contract for automatic payment of your Electricity Bill – KESCO.

Automatic payment of KESCO Invoice can be made in Branch and E-banking and soon this service will be offered in BKT Mobile as well.


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