BKT Kosovo and BKT Albania as two banks within a group, execute cash transfers with high speed, security and high efficiency.


The payments between Albania and Kosovo have never been faster and cheaper. With BKT you now have the chance to transfer money within one hour with fixed commissions regardless the amount in ALL, EUR, USD, CHF, TRY, AUD, CAD and GBP currencies. Your partner in Kosovo will not pay any fees for the received amount. The same applies for the incoming payments from BKT Kosovo to your account.

BKT – AL Terms & Conditions              RETAIL           CORPORATE
Outgoing Transfers to BKT-Kosova
Value date    Express    Express
Branch – from account (BEN/SHA and OUR)     5 EUR  7 USD     5 EUR     7 USD
E-Banking M- Banking (BEN/SHA and OUR)     3 EUR  5 USD     3 EUR     5 USD
Swift charge          0       0         0         0
Incoming Transfers from BKT-Kosovafree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Repair charge          8      10         8        10
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