The rapid growth of online sales over the last few years has made businesses move transactions to another level, easier and faster through online payment, hence the Virtual POS.

How does a virtual terminal work?

The virtual terminal is how debit and credit card processing is done online. If you have a website, you will need a virtual POS in order for customers to pay. You can generally use a virtual terminal for any online transaction.

BKT offers Virtual POS / e-commerce service in a secure environment for your customers’ payments 24 hours/ 7 days.

Benefits of using BKT’s Virtual POS/e-commerce:

You can accept payments with all cards bearing the VISA logo, MASTERCARD (debit and credit cards)

You can accept payments in a simple and safe way; Every business that will be a partner in this service will become a member of the “MasterCard Secure Code” and “Verified by Visa” programs.

You can keep track of your sales through a detailed reporting interface that allows you to generate reports on sales made in your online store and integrate this information into your other systems.

You can receive payments in EUR

Online requirements for e-commerce:

If you want to offer online shopping to your customers, you need to do some development on your website to offer products / services that will be chosen by customers. Your website must meet the requirements of the Visa and Mastercard standards as follows.

You must maintain accurate contact information

Prices and details of the products or services you offer must be specified

If the company will sell in foreign currency, it is required to display the exchange rate on the website

Customer service contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses should be included

Additionally, company information should be available on the site – Business name and address

Import restrictions should be in place, if any.

Information regarding the privacy policy, security policy, cancellation-return policy, distance sales contract or service agreement, general terms of transactions, jurisdiction/place of delivery and distribution for service locations shall be available on your website

Depending on the field of activity of the offered product, if there are licenses and documents required by the relevant authorities, these documents must be submitted to the bank

The payment page should include the option to pay by credit card

The website should contain the product catalog and shopping cart

Validity of all interfaces (links) is an important consideration

The BKT logo must appear on your website according to Visa and Mastercard

Products that are prohibited from being sold under legal regulations should not be sold on this website


3D Security: (BKT VPOS product includes 3D security)

The 3D Secure platform is required by virtual POS and online payment systems.

In this system, developed by Visa and Mastercard, to increase the security of online purchases, the cardholder is directed to the bank’s website, used during the payment process. Then the approval is done with a word-pass a use on the mobile phone registered in the banking system.

When the card information is intended to be used by other people, you contribute to the secure purchase of your customers in the electronic environment, since the payment is made with the password sent to the mobile phone of the cardholder registered with the bank.

The system prepared for the use of Visa cards is called “Verified By Visa” and the system for the use of Mastercard cards is called “SecureCode”. The 3DS service is available for free.

Integrating VPOS into applications is also possible.

BKT gives merchants different options for VPOS integration depending on the level of website security.

In order for companies to use Virtual POS, they must have an SSL certificate and this certificate must be installed. There are SSL certificates that provide 128-bit or 256-bit security.

Website with SSL certificate:

SSL / Secure Socket Layer: Encryption of data transmission over the Internet is very important in e-commerce. Now every e-commerce site must have an SSL and encrypt the data on this site. SSL certificates also provide these encryption features.

SSL certificates ensure that data on a website is encrypted and transmitted to the other party. For example, when a customer enters their personal and credit card information and provides payment confirmation, this information is encrypted via SSL and transmitted to the bank. In this way, third parties cannot access this data. The difference between 128-bit and 256-bit security extensions comes from these encryption methods. The 256-bit encryption method provides a more comprehensive encryption system compared to 128-bit.

Application requirements:

First, you must apply to the bank. The applicant (or representative) must be the owner of the website. If you have applied for virtual POS, you must open a bank account. The general documents required are as follows:

General agreement including the terms and conditions and the legal framework of the business relationship between the bank and the customer

Information from ARBK

Statute Act of the foundation (if they have).

Unique Business Number / Business Registration Certificate

After that, POS installation will follow

Merchant form to be completed by branch staff with relevant merchant information.

After confirmation, the V-POS agreement is signed.

BKT’s technical team will provide guidance to the IT teams (or may be an outsourced software company providing technical service to the merchant)

BKT’s technical team will check whether the website request is fulfilled or not

BKT will provide trial account before finalizing

Before the implementation, the terminal and maintenance fee must be paid in the branch according to the terms and conditions published on the official website of BKT.

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