BKT Kosova launches 3D Secure, the new service for online shopping

 In order to increase security in your online / internet purchases, as well as making your online experience as user-friendly as possible, BKT Kosova has launched the new 3D Secure service in collaboration with MasterCard ID Check and Verified by VISA.

3D Secure is an automatic service that increases the level of security in online / internet transactions with debit and credit cards issued by BKT Kosova (VISA and MasterCard).

3D Secure Service works using OTP-One Time Password – 3D Security Password, which you will receive via SMS on your mobile phone and it serves as your unique identifier in online / internet purchases, so please make sure to update your phone data at the bank, as this will help you successfully complete your online / internet purchase.


 The main benefit of the 3D Secure service is that it protects cardholders and traders from fraud threat.

This is a free service that provides a higher level of security on all websites, preventing unauthorized use of your card on the internet.

Purchasing with 3D Secure

 You can make online purchases with high security using the 3D Secure mechanism on all websites participating in the service where the payment scheme authentication logo (“MasterCard ID Check” and “Verified by VISA”) appears.

Only 2 simple steps are required to make an online / internet purchase through the new 3D Secure service:

  • Step 1: When you pay online / on Internet with your debit or credit card issued by BKT, a window will appear on the screen where the user (cardholder) must verify the mobile phone number. If the number displayed on the screen is OK, the cardholder clicks the Continue button.
  • Step 2: After verifying the data on the displayed screen, and clicking the Continue button, the cardholder will receive a one-time password via SMS, which must be placed in the field “Password for one use”:

If OTP validation time has elapsed, the “Reset SMS OTP” link will appear and the user (cardholder) can re-send the request to accept the new OTP via SMS.

If OTP received via SMS is OK, the verification process will be successfully completed and the user will be redirected to the Internet Merchant’s website to proceed with the online purchase with high security.

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