E-banking is now redesigned to suit all types of PC screens, tablets and mobile phones, and it is easier to use for performing banking transactions.

With the help of BKT e-Banking you can perform all your banking transactions, easier and faster, with lower commissions, wherever you have internet access.

If you have a bank account and a debit or credit card from our bank, and if you register your mobile phone in our system, then you can use BKT e-Banking without any additional procedure and without having to visit the branch.

All you must do, is click on the e-Banking section located in the upper right-hand side of this web site.

Access to your BKT e-Banking account

BKT applies the latest security measures and applies the most efficient security solutions so that your bank transactions and your personal information are stored.

There are two ways of accessing the e-banking account:

  1. With your customer bank number or your personal number and password
  2. Or with your BKT card information

Security image

Once you have provided your password and your card information, you will see 4 different images and will be asked to choose one of them as your security image in order to avoid potential phishing abuses. After that, your image should appear each time you enter your login password.

OTP (One Time Password): To access, you must also provide OTP, which is a 4 numbers digit you receive on your phone when you try to sign in to your e-banking account.

You need to provide all the information required in order to perform bank transactions through e-Banking.

The same information is used during connection to the BKT Mobile application.

For your safety, please review detailed security information, which is placed below.

Registration process for new clients who do not have any BKT debit / credit card

You can sign up immediately at BKT e-Banking as soon as you open your bank account. All you need is to sign the application form to register the unique code or change the password in any of our branches.

Unique Code Registration will only be used if you do not have a debit / credit card from BKT and this process is active only through e-Banking.

The Unique Code is a 4-digit code that will be sent to your mobile phone number that is registered in the BKT system. The unique code will be valid for 24 hours after its release.

After the registration process you can follow the process of accessing your e-Banking at any time.

Banking Services and Transactions

Without having to go to the bank, you can perform all banking transactions from BKT’s bank account, except for cash deposits.


  • Monitoring and generating the account status
  • Opening a new account in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP dhe TRY
  • Statement generation
  • Opening and monitoring deposit

Money Transfers:

  • Transfers within BKT
  • National transfers
  • International transfer
  • Transfers with BKT Albania

Bill Payments:

  • Payment of bills for treasury accounts
  • Student payments
  • KOS GIRO Bills Payment
  • Bills Payment of KESCO and KUR Pristina
  • Order for Automatic Bill Payments for KESCO

Debit Card:

  • Information for your Debit Cards
  • Link/unlink Debit Card with your accounts

 Credit Card:

  • Review of credit card monthly statements
  • Monitoring recent transactions
  • Payments of your card’s or other cards’ debts
  • Change the limit for online payments
  • Divide in installment online payments
  • Divide in installment of payments in POS-s of other banks in and out of country
  • Credit Card Cash Advance


  • Amount of monthly installment
  • Payment Date
  • Remaining balance
  • Maturity date

Other services:

  • Application for credit card
  • Money Exchange
  • Password change
  • Electronic charging for mobile phone operators
  • Smart Invest- investment in financial markets
  • Monitoring and configuring BKT mobile notifications.
  • Information and modification of Transaction Limits

Security instructions

Open security instructions for more details

E-banking Guide

Open the user manual for more details

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