Prishtina, September 8, 2023 – On this momentous day, BKT Kosova proudly joins in celebrating the Republic of Kosova’s selection as the esteemed host of the Mediterranean Olympic Games in 2030. BKT Kosova, is thrilled to announce its continued partnership as the Platinum Sponsor of the National Olympic Committee of Kosova (NOC Kosova).

The selection of the Republic of Kosova as the host nation for the Mediterranean Olympic Games 2030 stands as a remarkable achievement, underscoring the nation’s commitment to unity, athleticism, and cultural exchange within the region. This monumental opportunity holds deep significance for the Republic of Kosova. Kosova is a young state and it has already won three Olympic gold medals. The success of Kosovo athletes has echoed throughout the world, and sports is fast becoming Kosova’s most successful export, thus this historical achievement today makes us, BKT Kosova, proud to be part of new success stories in the years to come.

Beyond sports, this prestigious event promises significant advantages for the country and its citizens. Hosting the games will stimulate economic growth, amplify tourism, and elevate Kosova’s global standing.

BKT Kosova’s steadfast support for NOC Kosova exemplifies its dedication to fostering excellence, inclusivity, and the community spirit. By aligning with initiatives that promote athletic achievement and cultural collaboration, BKT Kosova plays a pivotal role in furthering Kosova’s presence on the global stage.

“BKT Kosova applauds the Republic of Kosova and National Olympic Committee of Kosova’s selection as the host of the Mediterranean Olympic Games 2030, which aligns seamlessly with our values of excellence and community enrichment. This opportunity not only honors the nation’s history but also paves the way for a future filled with prosperity and unity. We are honored to stand by NOC Kosova’s side and support this journey that will undoubtedly bring significant benefits to the people and the state of Kosova,” stated Mr. Suat Bakkal, CEO and Board Member of BKT Kosova.

As anticipation builds for the Mediterranean Olympic Games 2030, BKT Kosova reaffirms its partnership, on further contributing to the development and promotion of sports and the country at the highest level. We strongly believe that through our partnership with Kosovo Olympic Committee, we will have an impact that matters to strengthen, improve and create a long-term and positive effect in society, and Kosova’s representation on the biggest arenas in the world.

By supporting the National Olympic Committee of Kosova, we support leaders in sports, and since we are leaders in many areas of the financial market in the country – leaders always support leaders!


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