This website where you have entered,, is the official web site of the Banka Kombëtare Tregtare Kosovë SHA. In this page, the user can access various forms or forms of application (for example: job applications, credit card application, but not only). In different areas of these forms, there may be a need to enter personal data. BKT ensures to every user that data arriving in its database are handled the bank with the highest security system and at the same time is committed to rigorously enforce the entire legal framework in the protection and respect of any data-related action of users, as defined by the Law on Personal Data Protection (No.06/L-082, dated 25 September 2019).

Also the user affirms the truthfulness and accuracy of all the data provided by him/her in various forms or forms. Upon completion of any form and clicking on the continue/acccept/apply buttons, the user accepts the bank’s right for internal use only for the intended purpose of the user, the information supplied and their further processing by BKT.

Based on Law No.06/L-082, dated 25 September 2019, the user, through a request, has the right to request to see his/her personal data provided voluntarily or to request their correction.

In accordance with Law No.06/L-082, dated 25 September 2019, in order to be transparent with its customers, the Bank notifies that through a Contact Center service structure it will contact all customers who have reported a problem / issue, as well as in response to complaints / suggestions. This call from the Contact Center service structure will be recorded.

Direct Marketing

Based on your prior consent obtained by us under the Contract for Banking Services, we may contact you for promotional purposes and any new activity that we consider to be of interest for you to be informed, you will be contacted by mail, telephone, e-mail, SMS or other ways of telecommunications (a practice known as direct marketing).


If you do not wish to receive such promotion notifications from the bank in written, SMS or E-mail, please send an email at:, call us at 038 666 666 or send us an SMS via 50066 with text “NO SMS”.

You may also submit your written request at any of the BKT branches. The Bank will make sure that within eight (8) days of the receipt of the request, shall stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes and within next five (5) days shall inform you in written of the approval of your request.


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