• Maximum loan amount: 100.000EUR
  • Loan maturity: 180 months / for diaspora 120 months
  • Client participation: 20%
  • Administrative fee: 1%
  • The apartment bought can be used as mortgage


For all professionals (doctor, lawyer, and notary):

  • Interest rate starting from 3.29%
  • Effective interest rate starting from 3.49%

For BKT Salary receivers:

  • Interest rate starting from 3.49%
  • Effective interest rate starting from 3.70%

For Rent receivers thorough Bank:

  • Interest rate starting from 5.79%
  • Effective interest rate starting from 6.11%

For Diaspora:

  • Interest rate starting from 6.00%
  • Effective interest rate starting from 6.40%


  • Copy of valid ID or passport
  • Work contract
  • Business certificate and status of ATK for costumers with business income
  • Administrative fee (if the client receives the salary through BKT)
  • Lease contract
  • Account balance (minimum for the last 6 months
  • Public invoice
  • Sale and purchase contract



Home loanEUR 50,000EUR 50,000EUR 50,000EUR 50,000


Variable interest rate*3.29%3.49%5.79%6.00%
Effective interest rate3.49%3.70%6.11%6.40%
Loan Maturity180180180120


Monthly payment352.39 €357.28 €416.44 €555.28 €


Administrative fee1%1%1%1%


Total amount of loan to be repaid by the end of the contractual terms*63,429.79 €64,310.76 €


74,952.45 €




*Variable interest rate means the interest rate expressed as a variable percentage applied on an annual basis to the approved loan amount.

*The total cost does not include notary costs, insurance, property valuation and utility costs.

*Client participation: 3,000 EUR in maximum amount from 45,000 EUR, valid for BKT Salary Receivers and professionals (doctor, lawyer, and notary) – for projects in Fushë Kosovë, Ferizaj, Suharekë, Lipjan dhe Prizren.

*For projects in Prishtina participation is 20% for all clients categories.


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