Multi-Currency Deposit is a term deposit that can be opened in the following currencies:


Special features of this deposit:

• Enables you to change the currency of your deposit, throughout its lifetime, without losing the accumulated interest;

• Interest is credited on the maturity date of the deposit;

• Multi-Currency Deposit is offered to Individual and Corporate customers.

Your benefits
The Multi-Currency Term Deposit increases your profits by generating favorable income throughout the duration of the term. This deposit also enables the conversion of funds from one currency to another depending on the determination of the currencies and the interest rate specified in the opening contract of this product.

How can you open a Multi-Currency Deposit?
In each branch of BKT – Kosovo, by bringing a valid identification document (letter or passport) as well as by bringing a public invoice with which you prove your residential address.
If you have the funds in a current account, you can now open your own deposits through the e-Banking platform.

Maturity of the contract
Minimum 1 day, Maximum 365/366 days

Note: On the interest offered by the Bank, the withholding tax percentage, approved by law and applicable at the time of crediting of the interest, is suspended.
For the Multicurrency Deposit, the Bank does not offer a preferential interest rate at the level of the deposit contract and for conversion transactions (buying and selling).

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