Loan Terms

  • Maximum loan amount: 100.000EUR
  • Client participation: 20%
  • Administrative fee: 0.5% for BKT salary receivers,
  • Administrative fee: 0.75% for other banks salary receivers/self-employed,
  • Administrative fee: 1% for Diaspora

Interest Rate

  • For clients receiving salary in BKT: interest rate starting from 4.5% and effective interest rate 4.81% fixed for 60 months.
  • For clients receiving salary in other Banks: interest rate starting from 5.5% fixed and effective interest rate 5.97% for 60 months
  • For diaspora: interest rate starting from 6.4% and effective interest rate 7.04% fixed for (60M)

Required Documentation

  • Copy of valid ID or passport
  • Work contract
  • Business certificate and status of ATK for costumers with business income
  • Administrative fee (if the client receives the salary through BKT)
  • Lease contract
  • Account balance (minimum for the last 6 months
  • Public invoice
  • Sale and purchase contract

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