Loan Terms:

  • Maximum Loan Amount: 7,500€
  • Loan maturity: 48 months
  • Client participation: up ne 20%
  • Administrative fee: 50%

Interest Rate for buying a motorcycle

 Salary in BKT:

  • Interest rate starting from 5.00%
  • Effective interest rate starting from 5.38%

 Rent receivers through Bank, business owners and other banks salary receivers:

  • Interest rate starting from 6.50%
  • Effective interest rate starting from 6.97%


 Examples and Explanations:

Motorcycle Loan7,500 €7,500 €
Variable interest rate*5.00%6.50%
Effective Interest Rate 5.38%6.97%
Maturity48 months48 months
Monthly Instalment172.75 €177.90 €
Administrative fee0.50%0.50%
Total amount of loan to be repaid by the end of contractual term*8,292.06 €8,539.39 €


*Variable interest rate means the interest rate expressed as a variable percentage applied on an annual basis to the approved loan amount.

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