BKT Kosova in support of the Agricultural Cooperative KRUSHA

On March 8th 2021, BKT Kosova supported the opening and functioning of the new factory of the Agricultural Cooperative KRUSHA, a support which facilitated increased production capacities and created better working conditions for women of Krusha. Agricultural Cooperative Krusha is now a successful business, 100% run by women, not only selling its products in Kosova, but exporting to several European countries. The history of Krusha cooperative is closely linked to the power of the women of Krusha e Madhe, an inspiring story of survival, courage, solidarity, and women’s economic empowerment. Mrs. Fahrije Hoti together with the women of Krusha, have opened the doors of the new factory, continuing to make an unparalleled contribution to the empowerment of the role of women in society.

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