BKT Kosova Premium partner of the Olympic Committee of Kosovo

KOK and BKT Kosova will travel together towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, as well as in all other local and international activities. The sponsorship agreement, valid until the end of 2024, made the bank BKT Kosova the main sponsor of KOK. Through this partnership, the bank aims to make a concrete and sustainable contribution to the prosperity of sports in our country.

BKT Kosova over the years has been one of the biggest supporters of sports in Kosovo. We have supported many projects which have had a positive impact in the field of culture, sports and especially on young people and children in their efforts to achieve great things.

We always aim to be there to support where there is more need and potential, to further advance Kosovar sports and athletes who are excelling every day in their fields, and most importantly are becoming worthy ambassadors of the country. Kosovo is a new country and has already won three gold medals. The success of Kosovar athletes has echoed around the world, and sport is now becoming Kosovo’s biggest export, so this agreement today makes us, BKT Kosovo, proud to be part of new success stories in the coming years.

With this new partnership, BKT Kosova makes a further contribution to the development and promotion of sports and athletes at a higher level. We strongly believe that with this sponsorship for the Olympic Committee of Kosovo, through our athletes who will represent Kosovo in the biggest world arenas, we will have a positive and long-term impact on strengthening, empowering and improving the image of Kosovo.

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