The Preperso Debit Card is a unique product from BKT that is directly linked to your account, offering you full access to your funds anytime, anywhere. Clients have the opportunity to obtain the card at the moment of application!

With the offering of Preperso Master Card Debit Cards, BKT is always close to you.

Advantages of the Preperso Debit Card:

  • Instant issuance of the card upon application
  • Convenient, fast, and easy to use
  • Reduces the risk of money loss/theft
  • 24/7 access to your account without the need to visit branches
  • Withdrawals at any ATM worldwide
  • Purchases at all points of sale (POS) in Kosovo and beyond
  • Expense control and the ability to verify every transaction through the account statement

Usage of the Preperso Debit Card: In case you need cash, you can withdraw it at any ATM, both domestically and internationally, wherever the Master Card logo is displayed.

BKT’s Preperso debit card is also usable for purchases at POS terminals (point of sale) in Kosovo and worldwide. You can make purchases at any store, supermarket, bar, restaurant, gas station, etc., wherever the Master Card logo is displayed.

Additionally, the card can be used for online purchases on selected internet websites. The cards are equipped with 3D Secure Verified by MasterCard SecureCode for safer online shopping.

For any inquiries or comments, please contact us at +383 38 666 666, email:, or write a letter to the Administrative Office, Pejton, Ukshin Hoti Street, No.29, Prishtina.

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