By depositing funds at BKT you will receive an attractive interest rate on deposited funds and you will qualify for a prize game to win a Summer Vacation voucher.


Three Summer Vacations for Winning Clients:

– First prize = 2,000 EUR

– Second prize = 1,500 EUR

– Third prize = 1,500 EUR


* You get to choose your vacation, wherever and whenever you want and BKT Kosova will give you voucher for the value won!


Criteria for participation in the Campaign:

  • Any client who brings new funds in the amount of 5,000 EUR and more, with a minimum duration of 6 months will participate in the withdrawal of the reward through the reference number created in the term deposit contract.
  • The client will be entitled to participate in the prize draw only once.
  • The campaign starts on 08.06.2022 and is valid until 30.06.2022.
  • Withdrawal of remuneration will be made by members of the bank’s management and a representative from the public or customers.
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