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“Smart Invest” is an investment platform that enables access to International Financial Markets. “Smart Invest” provides the clients with direct access to following products: FX, commodities, futures, stocks, indices, ETF’s (exchange traded funds) and contract for differences “CFD”. They can invest, not only in top-tier markets like U.S., Germany, Japan or UK, but in many other markets, where they can trade with international investors.

The platform itself provides the clients with direct and user-friendly access, which means that they could conduct any investments independently, without the necessity to place requests to the bank.

Interested clients can perform one-click investments at best market prices by using our “Smart Invest” platform, either through e-banking or mobile banking.

Inside platform, the clients can access financial news, conduct technical analysis with charts and check their historical performance of trading.

How to access the Smart Invest Platform:

  • You have to be a client of Banka Kombetare Tregtare Kosove SH.A.
  • You have to visit the nearest branch in order to sign the agreement
  • After signing the agreement your access to “Smart Invest” Platform will be enabled in e-banking and mobile banking
  • Minimum amount to be transferred to “Smart Invest” is EUR 1,000.00
  • Once the customer makes the first transfer of funds to the platform, he / she must perform at least one purchase / sale action in order to be able to withdraw funds from the Smart Invest platform.

After being granted with the access to platform, clients can directly communicate with bank representatives via chat-box inside “Smart Invest” Platform.

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